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By Your Side Tutoring was founded in 2009 by Jonathan Berenguer and Jessica Bouret. Both founders felt the pressing need to provide excellent and affordable tutoring services in their communities. At the time, these two aspiring teachers in college put their passion into action and began to tutor students in their communities. Another pressing issue that they found was that some parents and students felt disconnected from their schools and even felt abandoned. In other cases, even teachers felt disconnected from their students' parents. Jonathan and Jessica put their heads together and came up with the company name, By Your Side Tutoring, to truly and genuinely demonstrate to parents, students, and teachers that we are working By Their Side. Parents are busy working striving to provide a better future for their children, so bringing the tutoring to the student seemed like the best way to go! BYST specializes in at home tutoring services and provides tutoring services in local libraries. BYST has positively impacted the lives of hundreds of students in the Bronx, Manhattan, and Queens.

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Our Headlining Proven Strategy: MORE for LESS

We know that teachers are time bound. They have to cover a wide range of topics within a limited amount of time. In this process, students who may need more attention and explanations might get lost and fall behind. But, even the students who may be advanced may suffer because they may get bored if too much time is devoted to a subject or topic. Realizing this issue, the "MORE for LESS Strategy" was born. Our goal is to spend MORE time on creating a solid foundation and LESS time running through topics. For example, we spend more time on Multiplication, making sure our student has learned it effectively, before moving on to Division.

Our Unique and Proven Tutoring Process

Every student is UNIQUE with different skills and learning styles. Our goal is to create an individualized tutoring plan that will best fit our students. Here's our proven tutoring process:

  • Pairing Meeting - A BYST Supervisor and the assigned tutor will meet with the parent(s) and the student for an introductory meeting.
  • Initial Assessment - This initial assessment consist of 4 parts within 2 hours. This is always the first session of tutoring.
  • ​1. Old State Exams - Students will have 30 minutes to complete an old Math State Exam and 30 minutes for completing an old ELA State Exam.
  • 2. Essay - Students will have 30 minutes to complete a fully developed essay.
  • 3. Learning Styles Assessment - Students will have 15 minutes to complete an online Learning Styles Assessment that will identify their unique learning style that will enable the tutor to provide tutoring in an effective way/style.
  • 4. Social Assessment - Tutors will finish off the 2 hour assessment with getting to know their student by asking key intentional questions such as: what is your favorite and least favorite and why? Who is your favorite teacher and least favorite and why? What would you like to become in the future? What are your hobbies? etc. This is to create a bond that will create a highway for learning.
  • ​Teacher Reports and Report Cards - We give teachers a document which is to be filled out stating the current standing of the student and identifying what areas should the tutor focus on. Plus we request copies of report cards to measure progress. This is all to better identify the areas of need and target them.
  • Monthly Calls - Parents receive monthly calls from their assigned BYST Supervisor to ensure that all is running smoothly with the tutoring and to provide any extra or additional help or resources to the parent and/or student.
  • Second Assessment - After 2 months of tutoring, tutors will assess their students with the first 2 parts of the initial assessment which is to be completed in 1 hour.
  • Assessment Report - After 2 months of tutoring, parents will receive an Assessment Report that will compare the scores from the 1st and 2nd part of the initial assessment and the second assessment. It will also include some of the tutor's observations and next steps to take in the tutoring process.
  • Workbooks - We use New York State Standards Aligned workbooks and Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS) workbooks, plus other materials that will enhance students' skills in: logical thinking and problem solving, mathematical skills, will raise reading levels, and etc.
  • Progression of Tutoring - Multiple assessments will continue to be given regularly during tutoring and tutors will always report to parents how each session went and how the student is progressing. An alliance with the primary teacher will remain open through out the tutoring to ensure progress in the classroom. Overall, remember, We Guarantee To Be By Your Side!