HS Work Study Program

This school year 2016/ 2017, BYST is launching an official High School Work Study program that will hire, train, and provide college/ career preparation and advisement to seniors plus some other great perks and benefits!

· Be able to tutor 4-12 hours per week
· First 10 hours toward community service
· College trip in the fall and spring
· Community service project in the fall and spring
· Monthly group and individual college/ career advisement
· Application day in the fall and FAFSA day in the spring
· Team building trip in the spring
· College application waivers (up to 3 per student)
· Tutoring workshops in the fall (2)
· Career development workshops in the spring (2)
· I Change Lives Through Education book bag
· I Change Lives Through Education shirt
· Scholarship for 1 student per school with 5 active tutors ($500 + Laptop)
· Acceptance Day Celebration with parents
· Continued summer work as a BYST Tutor that can         continue during college (if college is in NYC)

Ideal Candidate Should:
· Be a HS Senior interested in attending college
· Have a true passion for education
· Be energetic, enthusiastic, humble, teachable, trainable, coachable 
· Excel in his/ her desired tutoring subject area
· Be well organized and a good communicator
· Have 80+ GPA, 80+ Integrated Algebra & ELA, 800+ SAT score (math & reading)
· Be interested in becoming a teacher (preferred)
· Have some tutoring experience (preferred)
· Speak English and Spanish (HIGHLY preferred)

2501 Grand Concourse 3rd Flr. Bronx, NY 10468 - Phone: 1.347.448.BYST(2978) - Email: info@ByYourSideTutoring.org



Please email student resumes to workstudy@byyoursidetutoring.org Must include: A brief paragraph explaining why student is best for the job, GPA, SAT score, and Integrated Algebra & ELA Regent scores. Plus 1 teacher or counselor recommendation letter to be emailed directly from the teacher or counselor to the above email.

Wednesday October 5th
Phone Interviews 10/6 & 10/7
Orientation & Training
Saturday October 8th

Fall Events and Dates:
· Orientation/ Training – Oct. 1st
· Training 2 – Oct. 8th
· Application Day – Oct. 22nd
· College Trip – Nov. 19th
· Community Service – Dec. 17th 

Spring Events and Dates:
· FAFSA Day – March 11th
· College Trip – March 25th
· Community Service – Apr. 22nd
· Career Development – May 6th
· Team Building Trip – May 27th 
· Acceptance Day – June 10th

Orientation and Trainings will be held at Lehman College.



High School Work Study Program

Be a Tutor & Get College/ Career Ready!